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Cookies policy

What's a cookie?

A cookie is a text file left in the user's hard disk by a web server so that it can be identified every time the user logs in. The cookies make it easier the browsing and use of a website as they offer several advantages while giving interactive services. Cookies for instance, are used to manage the user's session (they reduce the number of times the user has to introduce his password) or to adapt the website content to the user's preferences. There are "session" cookies which are deleted once the user leaves the website that created them, or "persistent" cookies which outlast the user sessions until an expiry date.

What types of cookies are being used at this website?

This website uses different types of cookies with different purposes. Let's see:

Technical cookies
These allow the user to browse through the website and to use the different options found such as identify the session, access some areas of restricted access or share contents through social networks.
Analysis cookies
They let us track and analyze the users' behaviour while browsing the web. The collected data is used to measure the web's activity so that improvements can be introduced based on the analysis of the data from the service users.
Advertising cookies
They let us manage the advertisements included in a website by the editor, from that of the service supplier based on certain criteria, to the content itself or the frequency of the adverts shown.

How can I deactivate or eliminate cookies?

The user can deactivate and/or eliminate the cookies. As aditional information for the user we include below the details on where to find the configuration to do this in the main browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: Tools. Internet Options. Privacy. Advance.
  • Firefox: Preferences. Privacy.
  • Google Chrome: Configuration. Advanced Options. Privacy. Cookies.
  • Safari: Preferences. Privacy.

Third-Party Cookies used in this website

This website uses third-party cookies. Please find below a list of those third-party users:

  • Google Analytics: In order to carry out statistical analysis.
  • Google Adsense: In order to insert publicity.
  • Facebook/Google/Twitter/Youtube: In order to share some content with those social networks and channels.