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Minimum 2 person/s


From 49€ to 57€


From 2h to 3h



Canyoning, is an outdoor adventure. It consists of following the course of a mountain river in natural waters, where you can perform different progression techniques, such as: walking, jumping (no jump is mandatory), rappelling or slides by natural slopes.

With the advice of the guide and the necessary material, you will discover in a pleasant and safe way this exciting sport.

It is an activity that "hooks" and that can be repeated changing the place because each ravine is different and it reserves surprises.

The different levels of activity make canyoning a recommended activity for all types of public.

Barranco de Sant Pere- Easy

The ravine of Sant Pere is well known in the area of ​​Pallars Sobirà, with a long tradition in the world of ravine descents, of great beauty and easy travel. Most of the day is sunny, which makes the dips more pleasant along the ravine. The general trend is the numerous smooth-walled ledges, slides and short rapids interspersed with more open routes.

Barranco de Estaron Superior- Easy

This beautiful ravine of Estarón will make you feel that you are  traveling to distant countries where the vegetation, together with the water, slides, rappels and some small and shy little hop, will make us enjoy one of the best ravines of the Pallars Sobirà!

Barranco del Infierno- Middle

One of the most visited and well-known canyons in Catalonia, it is a very steep ravine with an absolute predominance of rappels, it does not offer any difficulty when descending it. It consists of several rappels between 3 and 10 meters, highlighting the second rappel of 18 meters of vertical descent inside the famous "Great Cave" formed by a great chaos of blocks, dark and where it is inevitable to get wet.

Barranco de las Espones- Middle

It starts with small ridges in a forest area, we will continue with several rappels, one of them very characteristic on a petrified trunk in a hollow place. We will find several slides and pools of up to 8 meters, where we can make some jump.

Barranco del Gurp - Difficult

The descent starts with a small amount of water, if it has not rained the previous night, descending ledges and a rappel of 12 meters to reach the confluence with another torrent. We pass under an arcade of natural rock and descend two rappels of 10 meters, from here it joins with the water that comes down from the Font de Molí and the ravine becomes more fun and sporty entering the area known as "Les Banyeretes" , where we will find slides and jumps of 2 and 3 meters in pools where a good dip is guaranteed.

Barranco Viu de Llevata- Difficult

The descent begins with two projections of and 3 meters quite steep and we continue with a jump of 5 meters and a rappel of 7 meters, then we walk about 700 meters of open section until we reach the most sporting area, where we will find several jumps up to 8 meters and several slides through the famous pass of the "Tarzan" with a jump of 6 meters.