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From 1 to 4 person/s


2-4  pax

Mature tasting  175€

Mature & Caliber tasting  195€

+ 4 pax  consultadnos




Mature tasting

2 caviar 30gr, sturgeon and cava

Mature & Caliber tasting

2 caviar 30gr, surgeon and Champagne or Vodka

Caviar Nacarii Tasting

In the Val d'Aran, the prestigious and even more delicious Caviar Nacarii is produced.

Caviar Nacarii sturgeon grows naturally and sustainably in the clear waters of the Garonne River, in the heart of the Val d'Aran.  The purity of the water coming from the snowmelt and an incomparable natural setting give caviar of the highest quality and transparency of flavour.

Caviar Nacarii is the result of the efforts of a team of artisans and biologists who produce exquisite caviar following the traditional method of Iranian masters.

This is the effort that is recognised daily by the most demanding palates, which already appreciate this brand of caviar as one of the most exclusive in Europe.

At Feelfree, we propose two deluxe tastings, one of them is a Maturation one and the other one would be a Maturation and Caliber one, both of them, highly recommendable.

  • Maturation Tasting

The Maturation tasting consists of a ripe and also a young Caviar tasting, combined with a cold and hot smoked sturgeon, both in the Finnish style. All this, will be paired with one of our best cavas.

  • Maturation and Caliber Tasting 

The Maturation and Caliber tasting consists of two different caliber Caviar tastings, one of them mature and the other one, young. We will accompany the tasting with a cold smoked sturgeon in Finnish style, paired with Champagne or Vodka.

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