Experiences San Sebastián


From 2 to 8 person/s



2 pax 164,00€

4 pax 146,00€

6 pax 134,00€

8 pax 121,00€

*price per person


3 hours

Includes: Demonstration event including aperitif, dinner with wines.

Chef's Table Dinner

The Chef’s Table is a unique concept, inspired by the local Basque gastronomic societies. Just as in the local societies, our chef’s table is the perfect setting for a unique dining experience, an intimate insight into the kitchen’s energy and activity.

Take a front row seat, not only to have a direct view of our chef at work, but also the opportunity for some fun, one-on-one interaction with the kitchen. It also reveals an exclusive insight into the cooking techniques and ancestral influences on our menus.

This demo lasts three hours and includes guidance on preparing our chef’s favorite local dishes, as well as a fabulous time among new friends.

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