Experiences San Sebastián


From 2 to 7 person/s


2 pax: €495

3-4 pax: €695

5-7 pax: €845


8 hours


  • Donostia-San Sebastian
  • Aiako Harria
  • Astigarraga
  • Donostia-San Sebastian


  • 8 hours


  • Private guide and driver
  • Private group
  • Hotel pick up
  • Traditional lunch in cider house
  • All transportation costs (oil, parking and toll)

Not Included:

  • Meals, drinks and tickets not listed above

Cider Tour

FeelFree offers you a simple walk through a spectacular natural setting combined with a typical cider house menu.

We will leave Donostia / San Sebastian in the morning and then head to the natural park of Aiako Harria.

We will walk inside this natural park, planted with beech trees all along a beautiful path, that will take us to Astigarraga. It is a short, easy and beautiful walk that runs along the river. Following the meandering Urumea river, we will discover the secrets of this environment.

From here, we will go to the cider museum and finish the morning in one of the authentic local cider houses, all guided by an expert who will teach us how this traditional drink is made.

We will end up tasting cider in its traditional way and savouring a typical home made cider menu, including cod omelette, fried cod, grilled t-bone steak and cheese, along with quince and walnuts for dessert.

In the afternoon, we will return to Donostia / San Sebastian where we will have some time to stroll around the city.

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