Experiences San Sebastián



From 2 to 7 person/s


2 pax -> 495€
3 – 4 pax -> 695€
5 – 7 pax -> 845€


From 7 hours to 8 hours

It includes

Private guide, chauffeur,
private transport, collection
at the apartment and meal.

We will visit

1. Flysch
2. Zumaia
3. Bodega de Txakoli
4. Getaria

Time tables

Daily departures at 09:00h
upon request.

Coastal tour: flysch & txakoli

FeelFree offers you a simple walk combined with a the visit of a typical txakoli winery.

We will leave in the morning from Donostia / San Sebastian to the coastal town of Zumaia where we will make a fabulous hike to enjoy a unique geological formation in the world: its famous flysch, global geological heritage.

After a walk of about two hours we will move to the charming village of Getaria and visit the instalations of one of the wineries of this town. This wine has been consumed for centuries in these coastal towns, but it has been in recent years when it has experienced its peak, its great “boom”.

The charming fishing village is also the birthplace of Juan Sebastián Elcano (Getaria, 1487-1526) the first man to sail around the world. It is probably one of the medieval historical centres that better reflects the passage of time. We are definitely at a privileged place in the geography of Gipuzkoa.

Here we can also enjoy a wine and eat the typical menu of this town. Afternoon visit the neighbouring town of Zumaia, back up the coast to Donostia / San Sebastian.

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