Experiences Baqueira


Minimum 1 person/s


From 38€


1h 30m



This sport consists of walking along the bed of a river (ravine or river canyon). To carry out this activity we will combine swimming with the techniques used in caving and climbing (rappel, rock advance techniques, ...) to overcome the natural obstacles of the route.

Sometimes the participant will have to jump into a pool of water, rappel, lower by ropes or swim in the deepest areas.

Within the world of canyoning, we can find ravines and canyons with totally different characteristics, which is why it is an activity that the participants tend to repeat, since they have nothing to do with one ravine with another.


Descent Bausen - Easy difficulty - 38€

Beautiful ravine of exuberant vegetation ideal for initiation. We will walk along the ravine of the Bausen River, entering a lush forest of incomparable beauty. After the approach by car, a short walk will take us to the beginning of the descent, during which we will find several jumps to pools of water, slides, descent with ropes, etc ...
For its duration (approximately 1: 30h inside the ravine) and the level of difficulty of its steps, we consider it the ideal ravine for the initiation in the world of canyoning and accessible also to the youngest ones (from 9 years old). Ideal Families.

Descent Arles - Difficulty easy - 39€

Ravine of initiation for families with children of 4-5 years. The ravine is composed of numerous slides and two rappels. In this ravine we find all the characteristic elements of the ravines, but in a size that could be called infantil.Debe approximate about 20 min by a path that passes by the side of the ravine from where you can see the different slides and rappels that we will find on the descent.

Descent Gorges D'Oo - Medium Difficulty - 41€

Middle level ravine, located in the beautiful valley of ôo, in the part of the French Pyrenees. It requires an approximation of about 45 minutes along a track in the direction of Lago D'ôo, and shortly before reaching the lake we find a path that will take us directly to the ravine. This is a ravine with rappels, jumps and a boxed environment, quite aquatic that runs through the middle of a fabulous forest full of vegetation.

Viu de Llevata / Erta descent - Difficulty medium / easy - 55€

At the beginning we will find a small jump followed by a slide, in the most open area of ​​the ravine. Further on the canyon begins to narrow, we will easily recognize it as we will pass under an old stone bridge. Here we start the fun part of the ravine, small ledges and slides up to the first rappel of 7 meters. Then we will arrive to a small room where we will have the possibility of making a slide and a 5m jump. We will make another rappel of 5 meters and to a slide of 8m and another of 9 m. We will find another quite open area that will take us to the head of a rappel. We only have one jump of three meters and the last rappel of 8 meters.

Barbarruens Descent - High Difficulty - 59€

Nice descent, completely aquatic that runs between large areas of vegetation. We will begin the descent in a zone of badinas and projections in which we will make several slides and jumps. We will find 5 rappels. We will reach a more open area where we will observe many trunks in channel. We will make a couple of jumps, we will go down one or another highlight and we will continue for an open stretch for a long time. We will cross with a couple of tributaries (right) and in a few minutes we will reach the bridge. We can exit on the right side of the bridge or continue downhill and make the shuttle.

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