Experiences San Sebastián


From 2 to 7 person/s


2 People: 425 €

Extra Person: 125 €

Child (10-17 y.o.): 85 €

Children under 10 years old FREE!



Tour Type

Private | Culture, Adventure, Food & Wine | Van | Boat

Time: 9:00 am

Places: Pasaia & San Sebastian


Guide: professional local guide and driver

Drinks: wine, beer or cider, water

Food: one pintxo, traditional seafood Basque lunch

Transport: boat, comfortable van,  all costs + pick up and drop off


Hop on a boat and let us take you on a fun and interactive trip along the craggy Basque Coast! Try sustainable fishing, learn about life at Cantabrian Sea and seafood in local cuisine. Enjoy a delicious lunch  in a gastronomic society cooked with earlier caught fish.


We will pick you up in the morning and drive to Pasaia. On the way to the starting point, your guide will give you an introduction on the history of the area, and what to expect throughout the day. 

Pasaia was a very important port for shipbuilding. Many galleons built here sailed later to America. In the 16th century there were few ports prepared for major voyages but not Pasaia. Some even say that ‘the Basque Country would be the equivalent of NASA and Pasaia, Cape Canaveral’!

Time to start our adventure! We will board a small boat and set off to explore a part of  Cantabrian Sea – so important in life of many Basques. Iñaki, our skipper, is an expert in local marine life, responsible fishing and extremely fun person to be around. 

Once on the open sea, Iñaki will give you an introduction to slow fishing and explain the local ways of catching fish and squids. Then you will try your fishing skills! You will not only broaden your knowledge about local sea creatures but also learn about their use in local gastronomy. With a long standing maritime history and a deep relationship to the sea, it’s no surprise that fresh-caught seafood is a basis in every Basque kitchen

The boat ride wouldn’t be complete without a little aperitif! You will enjoy the most famous pintxo called ‘gilda’ (aged anchovy, olive and pickled chili pepper) with a glass of sailor’s fav: apple cider

Having whet your appetite, it’s time to head to San Sebastian. You will admire impressive rock formations along the coast with flocks of seagulls flying over the cliffs. On the way you will dive into the fascinating Basque history. From our pirates to our fishermen’s who crossed the Atlantic Ocean many centuries ago. We will recall ancient heroic deeds and learn about local rowers.

We will arrive in the port of San Sebastian from where is a short walk to the Historic Quarter. This tiny part of the city is jammed with pintxo bars, restaurants and…members only gastronomic societies! ‘Txokos’ – as we call them in Euskara are not just places to cook and eat but most of all they play an enormously important part in our social life. We will visit one of the traditional gastronomic societies and prepare a delicious, authentic Basque lunch with the fish we caught earlier today. Dining in Txoko is a unique opportunity to actively participate in local culture – cook, eat, sing and laugh just as you were Basque for a day!

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