Experiences San Sebastián



From 2 to 7 person/s


2 people -> 495€
3 – 4 people -> 695€
5 – 7 people -> 845€


From 8 hours to 9 hours

It includes

Private guide, chauffeur,
private transport, collection
at the apartment and meal.

We will visit

1. Saint Jean de Luz
2. Hendaye
3. Urdax
4. Zugarramurdi
5. Sare

Time tables

Daily departures at 09:00h
upon request.

A historical tour of the caves of Zugarramurdi

An historical tour of the caves of Zugarramurdi.

FeelFree offers you a pleasant walk through the French Basque Country and Navarre combined with the best cuisine in the area.

In the morning, we will depart from Donostia / San Sebastián towards the French Basque Country. In Hendaye, we will take the coastline road to the small town of Saint Jean de Luz, where we will walk around its old quarter, birthplace of famous pirates who sailed these seas.

From here, we travel drive into the inlands towards Urdax, from the port of Dantzarinea, and we enter the province of Navarre after crossing the French/spanish border.

In Zugarramurdi, after the visit to one of its famous caves, we will go on a 8 km trekking, through which, we will dive into the area's history, its countless caves, stories of witches, smugglers and our prehistory.

On the way, we will taste some cheese and local products in an authentic farm, where they produce local sheep’s cheese. To end up the day we will go to the town of Sara, where we will enjoy a well deserved meal in a traditional restaurant.

We will have time to visit its famous caves and drive to the charming town of Ainhoa, after which, we will start our way back to Donostia / San Sebastian.

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