Experiences Baqueira


  • Adults: from 60€
  • Kids: from 30€

*Aged under 10 years old are considered kids.


 from 20 min depending on the trail/track

Dog Sledding

The dog sled rides are spectacular, an unforgettable experience. With a sled pulled by 12 dogs we will cross the frozen river leaving behind the ski resort of Baqueira Beret until we reach the forest of Dossau.

There is the possibility of experiencing different routes; Forest of Dossau (3,5km), Senda de los Osos (10km) or excursion to Montgarri (14km). Besides, there is the possibility of making a night out to Montgarri or complement the excursion with a traditional meal or dinner at the Amics Refuge.

If you are looking for some fun, we give you the oportunity to drive your own sled