Experiences San Sebastián


Minimum 2 person/s


At La Concha

2 pax  295€

95€/pax Along the River

1-2 pax  336€

3-4 pax  462€

5-6 pax  567€

For larger groups, please contact us


3h 30m


Private Tour and Exclusive guide

Instruction if necessary



Paddle board


Refreshments / half time snacks

Stand up Paddle

  • Stand Up Paddle and Kayaking at La Concha

La Concha Bay, thanks to its protection from wind and waves, is a privileged place to enjoy the activity of Stand up Paddle or Kayaking.

The Stand up Paddle is an ideal activity for both, beginners and the more athletic. You have to be over 9 years old to be able to practice it, so if you are old enough to dive into this activity, just feel free to enjoy it to the fullest.

We will start paddling by the bay in the Ondarreta beach, taking our time to have a bath in the famous crystal clear waters of La Concha and then reaching Santa Clara Island.

If you are looking for something different from the usual and you want to have a different perspective of the city, this is your activity!

Get going with loads of positive energy and enjoy the serenity of the sea early in the morning, the environment at noon, or if you prefer, a romantic sunset ...

  • Stand Up Paddle along the River

If you really want to behold the Basque Country from a different perspective, this is a secret we would like to share with you.

We'll take you to explore the barely touched Oria river that meanders for over 80 km before reaching the sea. This is a very special Stand Up Paddle experience where you will dive into the stillness of the river among its flora and fauna, with barely no signs of people.

The wildlife you will see is amazing, all ending up in Orio, the charming fishing village nestled in the coast line, where we can organise a meal at one of the best local restaurants, in order to top off your tour. This exclusive experience is absolutely unbeatable, one of those you will never forget and will love doing again.