Experiences San Sebastián



From 2 to 7 person/s


2 pax  445€
3 – 4 pax  545€
5 – 7 pax  695€



It includes

Private guide

Private group
3 pintxos and 3 drinks


Private transport
Collection at the apartment.

We will visit

Monte Igeldo
Peine del Viento
Monte Ulía
Playa de la Zurriola
Palacio Kursaal
Catedral del Buen Pastor
Bahía de la Concha
Parte vieja

Time tables

Daily departures at 
18:00h upon request

Tour Donostia & Pintxos

We take you on a private city tour in Donostia - San Sebastián with our professional local guide, who will show you the Basque customs and traditions, along with our gastronomy culture and history, while we visit the most interesting places in the city.

We will start the tour in our private vehicle, enjoying the best views of the Igeldo mountain, the “ peine de los vientos” sculpture in front of the sea, to the foothills of Ulia mountain

We will leave the vehicle and follow walking through the city's most interesting places. The tour includes the Zurriola beach, the Kursaal palace, the cathedral, the romantic area, the old town, the harbour and La Concha bay.

To finish and complete this amazing city tour, we will go to the old town in order to enjoy an authentic pintxo-tour, visiting 3 of the best local places.

At FeelFree, we are proud of our selection and you will be able to enjoy it as a local. We have selected these restaurants with care, from the most traditional to the most modern ones

In each one of them, you will enjoy a pintxo and a drink in a perfect pairing, while your guide explains the secrets of this internationally recognised high cuisine in miniature.

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