Expériences San Sebastián


maximum 8 persones


1-2 pax: 139€/pax

3-4 pax: 133€/pax

5-6 pax: 127€/pax

+8 pax: 121€/pax


4 heures à 4h 30m


Visite du marché local

Visite du club de gastronomie

Aliments et boissons



10h00 - 14h00

Gastronomic Club Experience

Gastronomic society experience. One of Basque Country’s remaining culinary mysteries is the txoko, where the Basques share a common love of good food and drinks.

These dining societies are curious to outsiders in the know, but remain a fully local secret. From Feelfree we open a society for you. The Gastronomic Society experience is here. Enter the door of the dining society and watch as a traditional lunch is prepared. Settle down at the large, family-style tables and enjoy a lunch prepared with products from the market and wines from the society’s cellar. Securing an invite to a gastronomic society and enjoying a traditional meal in it, is the best gastronomic and cultural inmersion you can experience in San Sebastian. A must-do.


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