Expériences San Sebastián


4 à 7 persones


4 people: 700 €

Extra person: 175 €

Child (10-17 y.o.): 85 €



Tour Type: Private, Culture, food&Wine, Van, Short walks

Times: 10:00 am / 5:00 pm

Places: Hondarribia (fishing port), Marina, Historic Part, Gastronomic Society

Included: guide and driver, drinks (cider, wine, or beer, water), 4 courses traditional Basque dinner


Go beyond the obvious and join us on this delicious two-in-one experience that combines a cultural journey to the medieval times of fortyfied Hondarribia and the quintessence of the Basques’ affection for food – Gastronomic Society!


You will begin your journey in San Sebastian and drive one of the most scenic roads along Basque Coast, where the harsh landscape of Mount Jaizkibel cuts into the ocean. On the way, your guide will give you an introduction on the history of the area, and what to expect throughout the experience.

First, we will stop in the fishing port of Hondarribia and dive into the history of local sailors, pirates and explorers to understand the intimate relation between the Basques and the ocean. You’ll also immerse yourself in some of the oldest fishing traditions and find out what are our favorite seafood delicacies.

We will continue towards the fishermen’s village called Marina, where the elderly congregate on benches along packed with bustling pintxo bars San Pedro Street. Colorful buildings located along this promenade used to be old fish markets and fishermen’s huts. There is no better place than Marina to stop for a drink– ‘topa’(cheers)!

From Marina we will take a pleasant walk to the fortified part of Hondarribia that sets the stage for some of Basque Country’s most glorious battles. Its narrow streets, flowers draped from the balconies and medieval charm creates an extraordinary atmosphere and cultural context. We will also take time to discover a hidden collection of tapestries by Rubens in the castle of Emperor Charles V.

Hope you are hungry because it’s high time to head to shrouded in secrecy, Basque gastronomic society! ‘Txokos’ – as we call them in Euskara are not just places to cook and eat but most of all they play an enormously important part in our social life.

We will be welcomed by our friend and an excellent chef  – Fernando who, apparently, fell into a clay pot with Basque fish stew ‘marmitako’ as a child and since then can’t live without cooking….and eating! Fernando will prepare for us an authentic Basque dinner using the highest quality products from the local garden and fishing port which we visited earlier today. Your plates will sequentially fill up with mouth-watering anchovies, Basque tomato salad with home-marinated tuna fish, baked monkfish and ‘pantxineta’ – vanilla custard, puff pastry and roast almond dessert!

Gastronomic society is a unique opportunity to actively participate in local culture – cook, eat, sing and laugh just as you were Basque for a day!

At the end of the evening your private transport will take you back to the hotel.

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