Expériences San Sebastián


4 à 7 persones


4 pax : 940€ 

Extra person: 225€ 

Child 10-17 y.o. : 185€


Not included: 

Meals, drinks and tickets not listed above



4h à 5h


Guide: professional local chef

Activity: cooking

Drinks: cider, wine or beer, water

Lunch: selection of local specialities, 5 pintxos enough for a hearty lunch

Other: all the ingredients, recipes



10:00am / 17:00 pm

Please note! Market Tour is not available in the cooking class that starts at 5am


Join an excellent, local chef for hands-on cooking experience during which you will explore the oldest San Sebastian’s market and learn to prepare a selection of our best pintxos from the most traditional toothpick snack ‘banderilla’ to the examples of modern & elegant haute cuisine. Cook, learn, eat & drink and have fun!  


Meet your local chef and the entrance to La Bretxa Market located in the Historic Part of San Sebastian. Remember – the cooking starts while shopping!

Opened in 1870 La Bretxa is the oldest market in San Sebastian and it’s also one of the must visit places in the city! The 32 vegetable, fish and meat stalls represent what is the most important in the local culture: tradition, quality and zero km food.

The chef will discuss with you any restrictions and preferences you may have before choosing the right menu. Then, you’ll discover La Bretxa and visit our favorite stalls. The chef will explain how to select the best products, show you Basque favorites and suggest their counterparts in your country.

From the market you will go to a cozy, private cuisine to start the class. During the next few hours you will prepare an assortment of pintxos starting from the most traditional ones, invented in 1940s to the modern haute cuisine examples – a complete evolution of pintxos. You will cooksample some delicious local specialities and learn in a relaxed atmosphere.

It’s time to enjoy the fruits of our work! We’ll taste the pintxos together with a selection of local wines!

This experience is not only about cooking & eating – it is about diving into the history of Basque culture, traditions and customs. What events, over the years, made Basques become food fanatics? What are the pillars of Basque cuisine? What were pintxos back in a day and what do they mean to us today? We will answer all of these questions and many more for you to truly understand what it means to feel Basque.

Our chef will make sure that you have a great time and acquire the necessary skills to make pintxos at home. This is a perfect activity for those who want to discover this culinary arts from the hands of an expert, learn more about the Basque cuisine and have fun!

Finish with a full belly, new cooking skills and a bunch of Basque recipes!

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