Expériences San Sebastián


2 à 5 persones


2 People: 295 €

Extra Person: 75 €

Child (14-17 y.o.): 75 €

Minimum age 14 years old



Tour Type:

Private | Culture | E-Scooter

Time: 11:00 am & 5:00 pm

Place: San Sebastian

Meeting Point: C/ Peña y Goñi 3


Guide: professional local guide

Equipment: e-scooter

Tickets: Mount Igueldo

Drinks: one drink (cider, wine or beer)

Food: one pintxo


Join us on an up-beat, ‘electric’ journey through the best sights of San Sebastian and get to know the city & its culture from a different perspective. Five neighbourhoods, four hours, three beaches, three sculptures,  two squares, one pintxo & a drink! 


We will kick things off in the most relaxed district of the city called Gros. The guide will take a few minutes to explain the safety rules and what to expect throughout the experience.

Our first stop is located at the foot of Mount Ulia – Sagues, the epicenter of the city’s surf scene. ‘El muro’ – ‘the wall’ is a common meeting place among the locals who come here to watch breathtaking sunsets. Sagues is also famous for a big, steel sculpture of Nestor Basterretxea – a symbol of the city’s commitment to peace, freedom and coexistence.

From Sagues we continue along the Zurriola Beach towards the Urumea River. On the way will discover the secrets of San Sebastian’s architecture starting from Basque rationalism inspired by Bauhaus movement through the French influences during the Belle Epoque, to the building of Kursaal awarded with the Contemporary Architecture Prize.

Afterwards, we will discover the promenade surrounding Mount Urgull and the Old Part of the city and meet another great sculpture: Empty Construction by Jorge Oteiza. It is also one of the best lookouts of the spectacular La Concha Bay. From here there is a short ride to the port of San Sebastian where we will learn about the importance of the ocean in the life of Basques. Before setting off to Antiguo we will stop at one of the entrances to the Old Part to discover the history of the city.

Time for a beautiful ride along La Concha beach. We will pass landmarks like: a former casinothat happens to be San Sebastian City Hall, La Perla SPA – an architectural diamond from Belle Epoque and Miramar Palace which was a summer residence of Spanish Royal Crown in the 20th century.

At the very end of the city at the foot of Mount Igueldo we will find an impressive work of Eduardo Chillida. We will admire three massive, rusty sculptures embedded in natural rocks rising from the Cantabrian Sea called The Comb of the Wind.

San Sebastian has been blessed with an incredible natural setting and there is no better place to enjoy it than from the top of Mount Igueldo. We will dive into the history of Bay of Biscay, learn how Spanish wool changed the fate of the Basque Country and why the best vessels in the 16th century were built in local shipyards.

From Mount Igueldo we will get back to the city and explore two other districts: Easo Square – one of the local’s favorite places to gather with friends and Gipuzkoa Square – a romantic garden right in the middle of the city.

After discovering the city’s landmarks and a history behind them we will come back to Gros to enjoy a glass of wine and a delicious pintxo in one of the trendiest streets of the neighbourhood. And it will be exactly how we will end this tour – in a Basque style!

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