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Your reservation

How do I book an apartment with FeelFree?

You can book our apartments through our website or directly by phone. If you can't find anything that suits your needs, call us and we'll guide you. Sometimes we have apartments that are not yet published.

How do I make the reservation payment?

The payment of the reservation will be made with a credit card at the end of the reservation process.

What information do we need to confirm the reservation and why?

To confirm your reservation, we will need the following information: name and surname, e-mail and telephone.

The rest of the data must be completed when you check-in online (this has to be done before arrival), where the data of all the guests will also be requested and you will be able to scan the identity documents or passport to comply with the law.

Do children count in the capacity of the apartment?

All children, regardless of their age, count towards the calculation of the maximum capacity of the accommodation, a capacity that can never be exceeded by adding adults and children. To calculate the maximum capacity, look at the number of beds, as well as their layout. The maximum occupancy can never exceed the maximum number of people indicated for each apartment or house.

In some accommodations, it is possible to reserve a cot and high chair at the time of making the reservation in "optional services".

For any questions regarding children or cots, please contact our office by phone or by sending an email to

What is the minimum and maximum stay for the seasonal apartments?

The minimum stay in the seasonal apartments is 32 nights and the maximum is 1 year, and the rental contract can be renewed every year.

¿Are the costs of supplies included?

All vacation rentals have supplies included in the price of the reservation.

In the case of seasonal rentals of less than 4 months, supplies are included up to a maximum per month, depending on each apartment.

In the case of seasonal rentals of more than 4 months, the supplies will be paid by the tenant.

Can I make a reservation under a company name?

Yes, you must enter the company data, in the reservation process.

How are group tours booked?

If you are traveling in a group, you can contact our reservations team directly by phone or email. They will guide you to find the best solution for your group.

How do I cancel my reservation? For days and for months?

You can cancel your reservation through your travel area. Before canceling, check the cancellation conditions, to see if you incur any cancellation fees.

Your stay

What are the arrival and departure times?

The entrance to the apartment can be done from 4:00 p.m. in San Sebastián and from 5:00 p.m. in Baqueira. On the day of departure you must leave the apartment before 11:00 a.m.

How do I access the apartment?

The vast majority of our apartments have electronic locks and the access to the house is completely autonomous. Once inside the apartment, customers will find the keys inside. From then, you can use either keys or the electronic lock.

The day before arrival and after completing the online check-in process, you will receive an email with all the information on how to get there and how to access the apartment.

How do I check-in?

Check-in is a process that you must complete online through your travel area. You must complete the data of all guests and confirm that you have received all the information correctly.

Check-in will be available 3 days before your arrival. Once this process is finished, you will receive the steps to access the apartment independently.

What do I do if when I arrive at the property I see there is a problem?

If you have any problem when you arrive at the apartment or during your stay you can contact us directly by calling 943 563 654 or by email

Is it necessary to pay a deposit to reserve an apartment?

Clients who rent a holiday apartment (for days) will not have to pay any amount as a security deposit.

However, seasonal and long-stay reservations must have an amount as a security deposit, which FeelFree will be responsible for depositing with the Basque Government.

When is the deposit refunded?

The deposit will be refunded once it is verified that the apartment is in perfect condition and once the Basque government makes the corresponding refund.

How do I check-out?

On the day of departure, the apartment must be vacated before 11:00 a.m. and the keys must be left inside the apartment in a visible place.

Is there the possibility of late check-out?

You can request a late check-out by calling our offices. Our customer service team will confirm if it is possible to check out later than 11:00 a.m.

How should I leave the apartment before departure?

The apartment must be left in the same conditions in which it was found.

Our apartments

Where are our apartments located?

FeelFree has apartments in San Sebastian and the Aran Valley. The apartments are distributed in the best areas of each destination.

Are all the FF apartments in the same building?

The apartments are not all in the same buildings, although some apartments may be in the same building.

Rules of good use and behavior in the apartments

Those staying in our apartments must comply with the rules of good use and behavior.

What services can I hire in the apartment?

Consult all the services that you can hire during your stay in your travel area.

Regulations that our tourist flats comply with

All our apartments have the relevant licenses in each destination.

FeelFree Owners

What rental modalities does FeelFree manage?

At FeelFree we manage exclusive holiday apartments (for days) and temporary apartments (for months), but we also have long-term rentals.

What conditions does my property have to meet to be managed by FeelFree?

The apartments must be special and exclusive properties, located in the best areas of our destinations.

In addition, the property must meet the quality and design standards necessary to rent the homes with a guarantee. From FeelFree we take care of adapting the homes, so that they meet these standards.

Rental apartments must comply with current regulations in each destination. From FeelFree we make sure to request the necessary licenses for the rental of the property.

What are the FeelFree quality standards?

The FeelFree quality standards are a series of demanding decoration, design and equipment requirements that we apply to all our apartments, so that both the product and the service offered by FeelFree are 5-star luxury and meet the expectations of our most demanding customers.

By carefully selecting each of our apartments and paying special attention to detail, we achieve a truly exclusive selection of apartments in each destination.

I want to invest, but I don't own an apartment. Would FeelFree help me buy a house to rent?

If you want to invest in a property to make it profitable through rental, at FeelFree we help you find the property that best suits your needs and that also meets the necessary requirements to obtain the highest profitability with our comprehensive rentals management.

What does the comprehensive management of FeelFree consist of?

FeelFree carries out an integral management of the apartments, that is, we take care of the complete rental operation.

From FeelFree, we prepare the property for its subsequent commercialization. We use specialized channels and carry out reservation management, revenue management, customer service, incident management, property maintenance, cleaning and all the operations that the property may need for its rental.

Can I still use my apartment?

The owners can block calendar days for their own apartment use, as long as these dates do not coincide with any confirmed reservation.

What return can I get from my property with FeelFree?

The profitability that you can obtain with the rent will depend on the type of rent that is made, as well as the type of property. To obtain an estimate of the annual net return, it is necessary to know the property in advance.