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Rental terms and conditions


Check-in and check-out

On check-in day, you can access your apartment from the time specified in your traveler area. Instructions to your apartment will be provided to you after you check-in online.

If you wish to occupy the apartment earlier, please let us know, and we will try to arrange for an earlier check-in. On the contrary, if your arrival is later than 5:00 PM or there is any change or delay, do not hesitate to contact us, and we will tell you how to proceed, especially if you have to pick up the keys in our office.

You can enjoy your apartment until 11:00 AM on the departure day. If you want to delay your departure time, contact us, and we will do our best.


You can find the maximum allowed capacity and the number of beds available on each apartment card. This maximum capacity refers to adults and children –  regardless of age – , and you cannot exceed it.

For less than four months stays and, except for occasional visits, it is not allowed to occupy an apartment for more people than indicated when making the reservation. If it is necessary to accommodate more people, please inform us. Note that the rental conditions may change.

Finally, please note that pets are not allowed in FeelFree apartments. Not complying with any of these conditions may result in the immediate abandonment of the apartment and the termination of the contract. The traveler may not request compensation or indemnification for the execution of this measure and will be obliged to pay any outstanding rent, if any.

Modification of the reservation

You can cancel or change the length of stay through our website or by writing an email. We do not accept cancellations or changes by telephone. If you want to change the dates of a future reservation, contact us, and we will give you the best possible solution. Please note that changing the dates supposes a new stay, applying the cancellation conditions.

If, for reasons beyond our control – breakdowns, floods, fires, or any other cause of force majeure – , we cannot offer you the agreed apartment, we will change it for another of similar characteristics. If you do not like the proposed accommodation, you may cancel your reservation. You will obtain a refund of the amount you have paid, except, if applicable, the corresponding part to the rental period that has been used. FeelFree assumes no further liability for total or partial cancellation of the stay.

Behavior in accommodations

Rest hours are from 10:00 PM to 10:00 AM. These rules are necessary as the apartments are in residential buildings, and the nighttime rest of other residents must be respected. We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

Smoking is not allowed in the rentals except on balconies, terraces, and gardens.

Pets are not allowed in the rentals.

Loud music and parties are forbidden. If parties occur or loud music is heard, if neighbors complain and/or call the police, this may result in immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night.

The person named in the rental contract will be responsible for the proper behavior of all occupants of the apartment. Neither FeelFree nor the accommodation owner are liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from misuse by the tenant, including but not limited to losses due to fire, theft, accidents, or other damages.

By signing the reservation contract, the traveler agrees to proper and decent behavior by all accompanying persons. If this person, or any accompanying person, does not behave responsibly, it will result in the termination of the contract, and FeelFree reserves the right to ask the client and accompanying persons to vacate the accommodation without any future claims or compensation, and furthermore, the traveler will be obligated to pay any outstanding rents, if applicable, thereby also forfeiting the security deposit.

Booking accommodation with FeelFree implies absolute and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions, as well as the jurisdiction and competence of local courts, with express waiver of any other jurisdiction, if different.

Cleaning service

If you need it, you can hire a cleaning service during your stay, either through your traveler area or by contacting us.

The price includes a double set of towels for more than eight nights. From 11 nights onwards, it also comprises a double bed linen set.

On the departure day, the apartment must be in the same conditions you found on your arrival. Otherwise, we will deduct from the deposit the amount equivalent to a cleaning service. Rate: 36,30€ / per hour (VAT included).

Rules in the apartments

To respect the night rest of the neighbors, we ask you to respect silence between 10:00 PM and 10:00 AM.

You can not smoke inside the apartment except on balconies, terraces, and gardens.

Loud music and parties are prohibited. If neighbors complain or call the police for any of these reasons, this may result in immediate eviction regardless of the time of day or night.

The person holding the rental contract for the accommodation is responsible for the proper behavior of all its companions. Neither FeelFree nor the apartment host shall be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by the traveler, including, without any limitation, loss due to fire, theft, accident, or other damage.

If the traveler or its companions do not behave properly and responsibly, FeelFree shall have the right to terminate the contract. FeelFree will ask them to leave the apartment without the right to future claims or compensations. Furthermore, the traveler will be obliged to pay the outstanding rent, if any, and the deposit will be forfeited.

Booking an apartment with FeelFree implies the absolute and unconditional acceptance of these general conditions and the jurisdiction and competence of the local courts and tribunals, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction, if different.

Who can assist me if I need help or information during my stay?

Our customer service is available 24/4 for anything you need before, during, or after your stay. We also have physical offices in San Sebastian and Vielha, and you can visit us during office hours.

What is the essential equipment of the apartment?

All our apartments feature wifi, bed linen, towels, hairdryers, kitchenware, and coffee maker, among others. In addition, the price includes a crib and high chair upon request. For more information, we recommend that you check the section “features and equipment” of the apartment.

Forgotten items

Due to limited storage space, we can only maintain forgotten items for one week. If you forget something in the apartment when you leave, contact us as soon as possible in order to return it to you.

Personal data

The holder of the accommodation reservation and the rest of the guests must present an official document that proves their identity at the time of reception. This process is mandatory according to Spanish regulations.

The data you provide by contracting accommodation, additional services, and throughout our relationships is part of FeelFree – Siempre Free, S.L. – files, in compliance with the regulations on personal data protection. In this way, we will be able to manage the services requested by you and the legitimate functions of your activity.

We treat your data confidentially. FeelFree complies with current legislation on Personal Data Protection and is registered in the General Register of the Data Protection Agency.

In our offer of accommodation services, we provide the traveler with a series of optional services, characteristic of each destination, to try to make the stay as pleasant as possible. To provide these services, we have our own staff or external collaborators. The traveler gives express consent to FeelFree to communicate the data –  identification, contact, and related to the accommodation and services contracted – to the companies and collaborators. Only those FeelFree employees and collaborators who need to know such data may have access to them so that we can effectively provide each of the services requested by the traveler.

Acceptance of the booking and rental conditions implies express authorization for processing and communicating the described data.

You may exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition by writing to FeelFree at c/ Peña y Goñi 3, bajo. 20002 San Sebastián – Guipúzcoa – , or by e-mail:

Please note that you must accompany the requests with a copy of your identity document.

These conditions apply to reservations made directly with FeelFree. If you have made your reservation on another website, you may consider its cancellation policies, not FeelFree’s.


For stays from 15 days and up to 4 months – 120 nights –, supplies are included up to 120€ per month. If the cost exceeds this amount, the traveler will pay the difference. We indicate this amount in the payment summary at the time of booking.

For stays from 4 months, supplies are not included and must be paid by the traveler.

General cancellation conditions

The cancellation and prepayment conditions may vary depending on the dates and the apartment. Enter the dates of your stay and consult the booking conditions of the selected apartment for more information.

The cancellation of a reservation and contracted services, out of the free cancellation terms established in the cancellation policies, implies the loss of the amount of the stay set in the cancellation conditions, as well as 100% of the amount corresponding to any contracted service, such as the parking space.

The cancellation and prepayment conditions for experiences vary according to the experience, so we recommend you contact us for more information.
Changing the dates of a stay, service, or experience within the penalty period indicated in the booking confirmation is not allowed. In case of not checking in the apartment – no show – and not having canceled the reservation, we will charge the reservation total amount.

For stays longer than four months – 120 days – , travelers who want to shorten their stay must notify us at least 60 days before the new departure date. Please note that any modification to the reservation must ensure a minimum stay of four months.

We recommend taking out travel insurance. In the event of cancellation of a reservation at one of our accommodations, even due to force majeure, FeelFree’s cancellation policy will apply.

In Baqueira, all reservations from December 23rd to January 6th – both inclusive – , as well as from February 9th to 24th – both inclusive – , must be paid in full at least 30 days prior to arrival. Otherwise, we will cancel the reservation, and the amount paid up to that date will be forfeited.

In case of cancellation less than 30 days in advance, you will receive 100% of the reservation.

As a traveler, you have 72 hours to withdraw from the moment the reservation is processed in our system, without the need to justify the decision and without penalty of any kind, except for the costs of refunding the amount paid, if any.

In the event of a cancellation of the stay or of the contracted services, FeelFree will always apply the accepted cancellation conditions.

In case of cancellation, the refund, if applicable, will be made in Euros. If you have paid in another currency, the traveler may assume the difference between the exchange rate cost.

General conditions of our offers

An offer is considered to be any modification to the price indicated in the lists of each destination prior to the selection of dates. The FeelFree offers, can only be effective by booking directly with FeelFree via the web, email or telephone.

Under no circumstances can these offers be accumulated with other offers, and nor are they applicable to the monthly rentals. Each specific offer may have extra conditions in addition to those outlined previously – duration, particularities, dates, etc. – which will be described in each case.

Our apartments are always undergoing improvements. Thus, we manage to maintain the FeelFree high quality standards. Sometimes, these small improvements to the décor and furniture of the home may not be reflected in photos.

Online dispute resolution

Consumers residing in Spain or any European Union Member State can resolve their consumer disputes with FeelFree through the European Union’s online dispute resolution platform. If needed, you can access it by clicking on the bold text below: