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At FeelFree we have an exclusive collection of more than 200 rentals in San Sebastián and Baqueira for holidays and mid-term stays. Professional service, personalized attention, and experience in the sector are the main reasons why hosts choose us. If you want to be part of FeelFree, whether you have a home or would like to invest in one, tell us your idea and we’ll do the rest!

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Did you know that we are the 2nd highest-rated agency in Spain on Airbnb, and that we collaborate with international companies with the reputation of Marriott? We have a long history of managing unique, high-quality homes in both destinations. Our experience and knowledge of the market, together with our established criteria, allow us to set competitive prices and attract more than 20,000 travelers each year.

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How we work

We offer a comprehensive management service, from purchasing the property if you need it, to obtaining licenses and the renovation and/or decoration project. Once the apartment is ready, we market it on different channels with tailored marketing and revenue strategies, to start renting it for days, weeks or months.

And what about the management of the apartment? With each reservation, our guest service team is in contact with the travelers to ensure that the stay meets their expectations. Meanwhile, our quality, maintenance and cleaning staff take care of the property so that it is always in perfect condition.

Steps to join the collection

  1. If you have a property or would like to invest in one, contact us and tell us your idea.
  2. We carry out a complete study of your home and adapt it to our quality standards.
  3. We take care of the comprehensive management of the rental, from the application for licenses to the marketing and maintenance.
  4. Make your holiday rental profitable and enjoy it whenever you want.

Frequently asked questions

What rental types does FeelFree manage?

At FeelFree we manage holiday rentals – available per day – and mid-term stay rentals – from 32 nights –. All of them comply with FeelFree quality standards and have all kinds of amenities to make you feel at home.

What are the FeelFree quality standards?

Our experience in the sector and the feedback we have received from travelers has allowed us to improve our management model, establishing quality standards which respond to the needs of owners and satisfy the expectations of travelers.

We manage apartments in the best and most sought-after areas of San Sebastián and Baqueira. Our architecture and interior design team creates the identity of each apartment, choosing the appropriate materials for its continued use and defining a timeless style that adjusts to the tastes of our public. In addition, we offer high added value to travelers, not only with the design and decoration of quality apartments, but also through unique services and experiences at the destination. All of this allows us to maximize bookings and offer a wide portfolio of exclusive apartments in both destinations.

What conditions does my property have to meet for FeelFree to manage it?

First, the apartment must comply with all existing legal regulations in San Sebastián or Baqueira, to be able to manage it as housing for tourist or seasonal use. Furthermore, it is essential that the apartment meet FeelFree quality standards, guaranteeing the traveler the best experience and offering you as the owner the greatest profitability.

What does the comprehensive management of FeelFree consist of?

We take care of everything, from helping you with the purchase of the property if you need it to obtaining licenses, the renovation and/or interior design project, marketing, operation and maintenance of the apartment.

Can I continue using my apartment?

From the owner’s area you can block the dates on which you want to enjoy your apartment, as long as there is no confirmed reservation. You only need to let us know at least 48 hours in advance to ensure that everything is ready upon your arrival.

What profit can I obtain from my property with FeelFree?

The income you could earn varies depending on the type of rental and the characteristics of your apartment – such as location or number of bedrooms –. To offer you an estimate, we’ll need to see the property.

What happens in case of damage to the apartment?

To protect your home from possible damage, for each reservation we establish a deposit which can be charged to the traveler in case of any damage caused during their stay.

“After seeing their website, I spoke with them, and they transmitted me a lot of reliability and confidence in their project, in their good work, the profitability of the apartments, maintenance, and efficient resolution of problems”.

Begoña, host since 2010,
Apartment Val de Ruda Luxe 9.

“Comprehensive management, very professional, with close and transparent attention to the host. They carry out total management with the client, solving all kinds of problems or incidents. In addition, from the beginning, they advised me on the purchase investment and the possible future returns, as well as with the decoration of the apartment by their interior designers. As the owner, I am delighted”.

Asier, host since 2020,
Apartments Jai Alai 54, Jazzaldi Suite, and Zinemaldi Suite.

“A friend recommended FeelFree, and I liked the profile of the apartments they managed. The treatment has been exquisite, and they have helped me a lot”.

Miguel, host since 2018,
Apartment Amitges.

“We are thrilled to be working with FeelFree. In particular, Patricia Mañero has worked tirelessly to ensure our investment is managed well and has been extremely responsive to any matters that may arise. Thank you FeelFree!”.

Jeffrey, host since 2021,
Apartament San Juan.

“Dealing with FeelFree has always been easy and efficient. They have carried out the management with enthusiasm and efficiency since September 2019. We are satisfied”.

José María, host since 2019,
Apartment Val de Ruda 64.

“Perfect and timely response to my queries. Very efficient management of the apartment in its maintenance and customer search. They are always thinking about improving the service”.

Asier, host since 2020,
Hondalea Apartment.

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Whether you’d like to invest in a holiday apartment in San Sebastián or Baqueira, or you already have one and would like us to manage it, fill out this form and we’ll contact you.


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